Kannadigas first immigrated to Australia in the late 60's and their number steadily increased in the 70's. Since then, the number increasing every year. In early 80's Kannadigas of Sydney and surrounding areas joined together and formed Kannada Sangha in 1983. Initially it started as a small group but soon grown in number to a large community. Today there are approximately 600-700 Kannadiga families living in and around Sydney.

            Under the patronage of Sydney Kannada Sangha, Kannadigas meet 2 or 3 times a year celebrating cultural programs and out door activities. The cultural programs have been a great success to promote Kannada Culture and helping our children to understand and continue our great culture.

            Other outstanding achievements of Kannadigas which we are proud of are :

o   Kannadigas have a dedicated Kannada Radio program on Radio SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) every Sunday 5 PM to 6 PM on AM 1107 band

o   Kannada cricket club, which is encouraging our children in sporting activities and participating in inter community organisation
championships very successfully.

o   In 1990 Kannada Balaga magazine committee released Kannadavani souvenir to remember the 25th anniversary of Kannadigas landing in Australia.

o   Kannada School - Sydney Kannada Sangha (SKS) 2003 has started a Kannada school to help Kannadiga children to learn and communicate in Kannada Kannada Library -year 2004 Sydney Kannada Sangha has donated about 500 Kannada books to Liverpool Public Library. These books can be borrowed from any public library in NSW. Year 2005 there are plans to buy and donate more Kannada books to other public libraries as well.

o   Sydney Kannada Sangha has been instrumental and is in the forefront in forming a common platform for Kannadigas in Asia Pacific Region. Kannada sanghas in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Auckland, Singapore & KL are currently the member organisations of this Asia Pacific Kannada Koota. Under this banner on 2004 SKS has lead the team to organise a very successful program called "Gaana Vinoda Sangama" a Musical and Comedy nite by Raju Anantaswamy and Mimicry Dayanand well known artists from Karnataka in all these cities. SKS is working hard to continue such programs every year.

o   SKS has also been a very active member of United Indian Associations (UIA) and helping immensely in their programs and activities.